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Artist: Carlos Cruz-Diez“Physichromies” - Kinetic and Op...

Artist: Carlos Cruz-Diez

“Physichromies” - Kinetic and Op Art.

Born in 1923 in Caracas. Cruz-Diez lives and works in Paris since 1960. He runs workshops in Panama, Miami, and Caracas.

He emerged as an artist in the mid-50s in Paris, at the culmination of the Kinetic Art movement. He dedicated all his work to show how color can be transformed into an autonomous event capable of invading the space. In 1945, Cruz-Diez began working in an international advertising agency. Rapidly, at 25 years old, he reached the post of artistic director of the agency. At the same time, he continued to create and teach History of Applied Arts at the School of Typography and Graphic Design at the School of Journalism in Caracas. Then in 1957, Caracas opened the Visual Arts Studio, a workshop of graphic and industrial design where he began the series Physichromies. His art rapidly became prestigious and are now a part of the permanent collections of MoMA, Tate Modern, and Georges Pompidou, among others.

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