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Scallop is Michael Graves’ last watch design for...

Scallop is Michael Graves’ last watch design for Projects

Dezeen Watch Store: the last watch created by influential Postmodern architect and designer Michael Graves for US brand Projects is finally available after three years of development.

Graves, who died in 2015 at the age of 80, originally designed Scallop in 2013, but its complicated dial engraving of curving symmetrical lines, which echo the scalloped edges of the face, proved challenging to produce.The engraving is created to echo the effect of a technique called guilloché, which is generally reserved for fine jewellery.  For Scallop, the concentric pattern is made by overlaying the metal with a fine film and then using acid to dissolve the voids in the pattern, which are then removed. This creates an etching that is just 0.1 millimetres deep.“The Scallop watch has taken more than three years to come to market, due to technical challenges that had to be overcome in order to achieve its original design intent,” said Projects. Thanks DeZeen

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