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Paintings by Jonathan YeoJonathan Yeo (born 1973) is entirely...

Paintings by Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo (born 1973) is entirely self-taught British portraitist responsible for paintings of Dennis Hopper, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Spacey, Idris Elba, Prince Philip, Tony Blair, and David Cameron among others. Yeo has emerged as one of the foremost pioneers of figurative painting in Britain.

His unauthorised 2007 portrait of George W Bush, created from cuttings of pornographic magazines, brought him worldwide notoriety. Yeo makes lots of pithy points about the status of portraiture of the modern society of 21 century, saying that the famous English model Cara Delavigne is synonyms of selfies. “The way we manipulate and read self-portrait images, or ‘selfies’, in the last five years has far more in common with the activity of the 16th-century portrait artists and audiences than any art movement since the birth of photography,“ he said. 

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