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Futuristic IM Motors AIRO Electric Car with HEPA Filtering System and Configurable Interior

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

From every level of society, people want to spend quality time with their loved ones, want to relax, and want to spend stress-free time in today’s world. But because of the traffic and related stress, traveling in luxury is something that no one is able to afford at the moment. This is where the need for change is wanted, and this project aims to enhance that luxurious experience of traveling when people can afford it in the coming future. An innovative solution in the form of a personal transportation for individual commuting has been designed, this project offers you futuristic design of a personal helicopter.

Designer : Sreejin Uchummal
Work Place: M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru,India.
Academic Guide: Asst. Prof. Mr. Chiranjith Barui and Asst. Prof. Mr. Lohit H. S
Special Thanks to Prof. Gopinath C

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

At present, in the personal helicopter production companies and other research organizations, people are trying to design a flying device that is single-seater, compact in size, light-weight, and efficient to facilitate aerial traveling but the technology being limited, single seated personal helicopters are still in the research or validation state. But in the future, resource and technology will be in abundance and advanced enough to make single-seater helicopters possible for economical level operation. So, to design the product that will be produced in the future, the designer needs to start with primary data collection and future trends and styles. And then survey on the needs and requirements that will be arrived in the future from the data collected. Based on these factors, a designer has to come up with final concept.

Based on the market survey and data collection QFD and PDS was derived. Concepts were generated and a final concept was chosen based on the Weight age Ranking Method. A scaled model 1:7 has been fabricated for design validation.

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

Tuvie has received “Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design


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