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crossconnectmag: Geofrey “Geof” Darrow  born 1955 in Cedar...


Geofrey “Geof” Darrow  born 1955 in Cedar Rapids Iowa and is known for his ultra-detailed drawings which are put on full display in Frank Miller’s violent 3-issue volume Hard Boiled.

Darrow began his career working at Hanna-Barbera as a character designer. He met French comic artist, Jean Giraud, who is more commonly known under his pen-name, Moebius. This meeting led to a collaboration consisting of 8 giant prints entitled “La Cite Feu” or “City of Fire” taking place in the same setting as the comics starring Moebius’ famous character, Arzach. While living in France, Darrow created his character, Bourbon Thret and published a few comics.

Darrow met Frank Miller through Moebius, and the two created Hard Boiled, which ran from 1990 to 1992 in its 3-issue span. Miller and Darrow collaborated again on Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot in 1995.

But perhaps, Geof is best known beyond comics for his work as the chief artistic designer for the Wachowski brothers movie series The Matrix, and various art books and graphic novels connected with the three films. Darrow’s latest comic creation, Shaolin Cowboy, which he started before the Matrix films were made, was published through the Wachowski’s comic imprint, Burlyman Entertainment.

Darrow is currently drawing covers and pinups for various publishers, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, IDW and others.

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