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Waterscapes by Zoltan Bekefy Zoltan Bekefy is fascinated by...

Waterscapes by Zoltan Bekefy

Zoltan Bekefy is fascinated by the constant spectacle offered by nature. He has travelled the world with his camera in hand, striving to sublimate the landscapes that he discovers in the course of his unusual journeys. Capturing the essential, his work constitutes a silent report on the beauty of the world, in which simplicity, purity, and minimalism set the tone.    

Born in 1982, this self-taught photographer launched his career in 2005 by moving to Ireland. This new host country with its expressions of solitude and melancholy inspired the emergence of a dark yet soothing atmosphere in his work. The exclusive use of black and white allows him to play on contrasts in order to add a mysterious or even unreal touch to the images. Major exhibitions have been held in tribute to his work, particularly in Europe (Spain, Hungary, England, Austria, and Poland) and in the United States.

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