“Me & Myself” series by Jin Young Yu In order to follow a...

“Me & Myself” series by Jin Young Yu 

In order to follow a previous article (2 years ago) about the Korean artist Jin Youn Yu, those recent sculptures are still made using translucent plastic. “Me & Myself” series disappear, letting the face, hands, feet, and accessories float visibly. Yu’s work centers on the use of two opposite materials: 

  • the disguise—faces and clothing rendered in vibrantly painted plaster and a yearning for invisibility. Bodies molded of ultra-transparent plastic, a material Yu chose for its weightless, distortion-free quality. 
  • The transparent bodies fulfill the wish of these characters to either vanish or else, to finally find the way to fit into their surroundings. 

Her sculptures’ modeled faces, made from Fiberglas-reinforced plastic and paint, essay subtle facial expressions and layered emotions of resilience and hurt. 

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