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Mark Rreigelman and Angie Hiesl, two unusual chair Installation...

Mark Rreigelman and Angie Hiesl, two unusual chair Installation Art

Mark Reigelman’s Massive Chair Outside a Building in Mexico: the artist was commissioned to develop a site-specific installation in Monterrey. Intrigued by the positioning of large steel artifacts found juxtaposed against the lakes, trees and rivers of the public park, Reigelman wanted to create a monumental sculpture that captured this contrast of industry and natural beauty. 

German artist Angie Hiesl made some jaws drop with these elderly people suspended 20 feet in the air on the streets of Montreal in 2012. Hiesl premiered this concept in 1995 and has taken it all over the world to over 14 countries, among them: Poland, Brazil, Colombia, and Perú, with local actors filling in the chairs at each location.

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