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Lek Chan’s digital illustration are beautiful and full of...

Lek Chan’s digital illustration are beautiful and full of meaning. Lek Chan lives in Taiwan, and often she has to deal with political and social upheaval. In a recent piece for her blog titled Muffled she writes:

There has been a of “speech muffling” happened here recently. A gov body openly warned public not to post any info/statement that will harm the country (in fact, not to harm the current established gov). A news program had been punished for showing a picture of our frowning prime minister.

When i was watching a cold war documentary series, i came a cross this line: “What devastating is not the act of censorship, but the product of censorship”. Self-censorship, is far more devastating than censorship itself. When the populace had underwent long period of speech suppression, they will then developed a automatic self-filtration for speech, to avoid political persecution.

There is no room for truth and criticism. Hopeless. Lek Chen

Often out of difficult and dark circumstances beautiful art is created.  You can see more of Lek Chan’s work and even buy prints Here and on Facebook.

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