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I’m Weronika Kolinska, Polish designer and illustrator. Most of...

I’m Weronika Kolinska, Polish designer and illustrator.

Most of my work concentrates on nature and death. Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with nature and animals. I spent days observing lives of insects and other small creatures in my garden. Nature continues to deeply inspire me. The beauty of animals and their uncharted spirits, the multitude of their forms – their horns, fangs, talons, the detail of feathers, fur, scales. I find the ubiquity of death in nature both overwhelming and weirdly soothing. I try to conquer my own fear of death by depicting the life that arises from it, the organisms that thrive when others die.
Illustrating t-shirts is my main focus. I also like to use my art as a form of activism to promote animal rights.

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