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Greetings Cross Connect subscribers!My name’s Falco. I...

Greetings Cross Connect subscribers!

My name’s Falco. I recently applied to be a curator on the CrossConnect team, and it appears that my offerings pleased the CC gods, because here I am! I’m happy to be able to present more talented, hard-working and passionate creators to all of you.

For the time being my focus will be on illustration and fine art, or the space where these two disciplines meet. Surreal, mysterious and sometimes macabre work has a magnetic effect on me. Besides that I’m an animal fanatic and a lover of queer and feminist expression. Diversity is the Spice!

As a freelance video artist and illustrator I’m always working on creative projects, collaborations and stories. Through my experimental webcomic Weaker Sides I try to explore different methods of storytelling and visualization. (check it out here)

Happy to make your acquaintance, and thank you all for making CrossConnect bigger and better every day! cheers,

Falco Verholen aka lifemachine

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