Tuesday, March 1, 2016

AlanizMysteriously born in the middle of the Andes in Argentina...


Mysteriously born in the middle of the Andes in Argentina on a forgotten date, painting street adverts on rotten local shops of his ghetto was his first job and also the way he learned the control over brushes and rolls. Economically and culturally exiled from his country, he got adopted by Berlin - a big orphanage for lost artists and a mental hospital for those who can’t find their cure - in the beginning doing just some shy little past ups, until last years, when he started doing huge walls with just a roller and few poles as his only tools. The reason of this change: he thinks that to be heard, sometimes you don’t need to scream at people’s faces. His work can be found in cities like London, Mexico City, Paris and in Madrid particularly at the Swinton Gallery (a mix between a caf√©, library and gallery, the owners are old friends of Alaniz, so you might meet the artist there!). 

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