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Aimee Hagerty JohnsonA lifelong love of literature, research,...

Aimee Hagerty Johnson

A lifelong love of literature, research, and art is the heart of my work as an illustrator. I’m convinced that “a studio is a place of study,” as designer Bruce Mau phrases it, so before I paint, I read, research, and learn. Every illustration project is an excuse to study!I paint with watercolor, acrylic, and gouache, sometimes adding ink, pastel, or cut paper.

When I draw and paint, I choose objects I find fascinating, beautiful in form, or potentially meaningful. Sometimes I simply paint things I love. (For example, vintage dishware and linens, early American furniture, lace patterns, historical costume, and Swedish breads!) Frequently, I choose subjects that I think will offer me a rewarding technical challenge. Have you ever been so scared to draw a wicker chair that you put it off for three days? I have! But then once I began in earnest, I loved it. The truth is, overcoming doubt — because every artist experiences doubt about her work — is one way in which I take joy in what I do.  Society 6

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