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The Paintings of  Mandy TsungMy work revolves around  the female...

The Paintings of  Mandy Tsung

My work revolves around  the female figure. Ever since I was a young girl, surrounded by  literature, magazines, and comics which depicted captivating women,  I’ve felt the desire to both emulate and override the imagery that  informs my view of what it is to be a woman. As I become more aware  of the world around me, I feel a responsibility to present the viewer  with something new and, possibly, challenging. The characters in my  paintings are meant to be emotive, to communicate personal stories  that are open to interpretation by the viewer in whatever way speaks  to them. My hope is that they will come away with a new understanding  of themselves and the people around them.

I  can be contacted at if you wish to inquire about commissions or paintings for sale.   Website

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