Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Some Simple Ideas That Actually Genius (27 pics)

Empanadas that have what they’re filled with stamped into the crust.
This potato chip can that comes with a device for always keeping the chips at the top.

This car that won’t let you listen to music until you’ve buckled your seatbelt.

This sign at a restaurant to let the waiter know you need service.

This store that has a winter simulator to help you try on coats.

This ATM that lets you choose which bills you want.

Ice cubes made out of coffee so that they won’t dilute your iced coffee when they melt.

This bar that has a strip of ice to keep your beer cold.

This taxi that has a silent alarm flasher to alert the car behind if there’s trouble.

A sticker on a mango that lets you know when it’s ripe.

A bar that rewards patrons who leave their cars parked there overnight.

These glasses that are designed to let you carry multiple at a time.

These bristles on a bathroom stall door that hide the cracks and keep you private.

This Dairy Queen that has a special door just for kids.

This paper USB tab.

This spoon that has a line where its center of gravity is.

This Whole Foods that lets you drink beer as you shop.

A menu option to buy the kitchen workers a six-pack of beer.

This grocery store shelf.

This bar that lets you rent a locker to store your phone while it charges.

This traffic light that counts down how much longer you have to wait.

This car wash that projects what it’s currently doing to your car.

A supermarket that gives away free fruit for kids.

And this popcorn bucket that comes with a lid you can use to shake butter all over it AND as a bowl.

This library that has cake pans you can check out.

A package label that lets you know if your package has been turned upside down.

These stairs that have a slot to make it easier to bring your bike down.

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