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Photorealistic Drawings by Nick VitelliNick Vitelli is an artist...

Photorealistic Drawings by Nick Vitelli

Nick Vitelli is an artist from Blacksburg, VA, USA.

I’ve been drawing since a young age. I started doing art seriously in high school because I wasn’t strong academically, and expressing myself through creating art came more naturally.
Some of my main influences are Caravaggio, Rubens, Velasquez, Chuck Close, Amnon David, and Kehinde Wiley. 

I love the realism and scale of these painters’ artwork. Seeing the beauty of the world and responding to it by creating art is also a great influence and drive for me as an artist. 

I am particularly inspired by textures, which is perhaps one of the reasons that I enjoy portraiture so much. I love the very minute changes in color, texture, and form that are found in portraiture. I think that the human face is so beautiful, and I am inspired by how different people look across the world.

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