Sunday, February 28, 2016

Paintings by Stev'nn HallStev'nn Hall is a Toronto-based,...

Paintings by Stev'nn Hall

Stev'nn Hall is a Toronto-based, contemporary mixed media artist. He studied film, painting and photography at Concordia University in Montreal and continues to draw influences from these disciplines.

In his current work, Stev’nn returns to his roots with a photography & mixed media landscape series. These paint splattered enlargements depict the farmhouses, roads and big skies of his childhood and explores the boundary between photography and painting. The images are filled with the dualistic wonder of a young mind, which in Hall’s case depict an enchantment with nature’s vastness and the threat of its power and unknown transformative character. The images tread the fragile boundary between boyhood and imagined adulthood. Lost in the comfort of innocence but gripped by the fear of the oncoming adult world exploring the realms of nature and awareness as both magical and menacing via

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