Thursday, February 25, 2016

Michael Kagan Explores Man’s Triumph Over NatureMichael...

Michael Kagan Explores Man’s Triumph Over Nature

Michael Kagan (born 1980 in Virginia Beach, VA ) is a Brooklyn-based artist famous for his iconic imagery, big clients including Nasa and the Smithsonian.  Fascination with iconic moments from human history and, at the same time, with space, led him to a distinctive use of painting as a medium. Kagan bases his works on photographs but doesn’t paint in a photorealistic manner. On the contrary, his style is characterized by thick slabs of color. 

His paintings look realistic from far away, but as you get closer - they become more and more abstract. The energetic brushstrokes of oil on linen reinforce Kagan’s epic subjects and representative scenes, creating energy within the compositions. Currently, he exhibited his work at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC,  the exhibition titled “Lights Out” (February 11, 2016, until March 12).

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