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The Skills of  Eric Powell

Eric Powell is almost impossible to pin down. He’s an artist who seems to have mastered a wide array of disciplines, which gives him the mobility to tell a wide variety of stories. Whether a page calls for textured pencil drawings, inks, or even full on oils, Powell can do any of it expertly. He’s talented enough to seamlessly blend these different mediums onto one page. His voice seems to be an amalgamation of Jack Davis and Frank Frazetta, which makes the work feel like it could be either modern or from an early EC comic.

Not only is Powell a fantastic artist, but he’s a hell of a writer as well. His issues of The Goon vary so widely in tone, at times it’s an action comic, others it tugs hard on your heart strings. He can be a horror writer just as easily as he could be a humorist. Txt Via Multiversity Comics

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