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Illustrations and Animations by Oamul LuI am an illustrator...

Illustrations and Animations by Oamul Lu

I am an illustrator living in Xiamen, China.I currently work in an Internet company and am responsible for building 3D animation for them. However in my spare time, I keep drawing, creating gifs, and making toy models. I created my first picture book  "Found A Star" last year. It’s about good news and great stories, because I want to share with everyone what I’ve seen, heard and experienced in daily life and hope the readers can find their own wonderful life.

When I went to university though, I chose Interior Design. Although interior design is very different from what I create now, it still has a big influence in my work. After I graduated, I learnt 3D animation in a computer game company. Those experiences were crucial in influencing my work today. 

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