Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Glitched Animations by Suture BlueBrittany Nickels, otherwise...

Glitched Animations by Suture Blue

Brittany Nickels, otherwise known as Suture Blue is an artist currently finishing her BFA at NIU in DeKalb, IL.

Suture Blue started creating 2D animations in late 2014, and quickly followed those with 3D animations. She recently began creating rotoscoped GIFs interwoven with glitched videos created using circuit bending equipment, as well as other glitch techniques. 

“There’s something about the chaos, distortion, and pure impurity of glitch that for now, for me, is unparalleled. These gifs are videos captured by me, generally containing myself, performing simple moments. The experiences that come as waves are what I try to isolate and loop. To make a connection with people and effectively borrow a few seconds from them to feel anything at all is all I make these for. Both the emotion and process I’ll attempt to deepen continually.”

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