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Detour: African-American Icons for BHM To celebrate Black...

Muhammad Ali

Nina Simone

Thomas 'Detour' Evans

Spike Lee

Miles Davis


DJ Premier + Pete Rock + Jazzy Jeff

Aretha Franklin

Allen Iverson

Thelonious Monk

Detour: African-American Icons for BHM

To celebrate Black History Month I wanted to share the prolific works of Thomas “Detour” Evans, who paints colorful portraits of famous African-Americans he admires. Detour is a Colorado based artist born in 1984. He is pushing the boundries of traditional portrait painting with his nontraditional canvases, such as painting on vinyl or CDs & some works have interactive touch zones which emit music. |  Previous Post

“My current focus is all about connecting music & fine arts through traditional methods & technology. Accentuating my focus are the sights, sounds & issues surrounding urban culture. They shape the way I approach the creation of concepts, use of tools & overall execution of my work.”

More Detour:  Facebook | Twitter | Shop

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