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David Bowie: Pop Juggernaut by Butcher Billy Butcher Billy is...

David Bowie: Pop Juggernaut by Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is reenvisioning the late David Bowie as… well just about everyone. This ongoing ‘I am Spartacus’ effect is open to suggestions for fresh iterations. Butcher Billy is really a mild-mannered creative director at a busy digital agency in Brazil by day, but a masked pop culture vigilante by night, mashing-up & remixing comic book, music, film & video game memes into fresh statements that reveal the interconnectivity of our societal hive.

“Bowie has always had a huge impact on my career & personal life. I was just figuring out this concept with a couple of artworks ready when I’ve heard the shocking news. In the wake of the event I was surprised to learn that so many people have been affected by his sound & vision just as I’ve been.”

More Butcher Billy:   Behance | Facebook | Twitter
● His Bowie prints & more @ Society6

There’s more Cross Connect waiting on Facebook… I think it’ll blow your mind.

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