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Cyber Eau De Parfum – Digital Fragrance of The Future

Cozy rings feature cityscapes wrapped around your fingerOla...

Cozy rings feature cityscapes wrapped around your finger

Ola Shekhtman attended jewelry school in St. Petersburg where she learned to make everything by hand - melting metal, rolling, sawing, soldering, polishing. In 2012 she moved to New York City with her husband Misha and took 3D modeling courses. In the process, she discovered a freedom that enabled her to turn her dreams into actual things. Ola dreams about owning her own brand with her family by her side. Her two cats Shon and Gretchen chill nearby while she draws; Henry the turtle looks so wise and calm, passing it on to to those around; her husband Misha is always there to support and nurture her success. All together they love to live, love to love and love to laugh.

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