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Collage Art by YumikrumThe artist known as yumikrum is...

Collage Art by Yumikrum

The artist known as yumikrum is originally from Australia.  Yumikrum has now lived in Japan for the last 2 decades.  Yumikrum’s brilliiant collages feature a range of images from classical, pop images, to the purely fine art. Here is a brief interview with the elusive artist:

Living in Japan has taught me an appreciation of how the placement and rearrangement of mundane objects in certain ways can elicit varying emotional responses; anything ranging from a rock in a moss garden to a salted plum in a lunchbox.

The challenge for me when rearranging images is always to try and create a visually pleasing artwork that will hopefully generate an emotional reaction in the viewer.

Thematically speaking, the deep, dark mysterious realms fascinate me. I voraciously read/watch all types of material related to unexplained phenomena, the occult, secret societies, UFOs etc. Any type of thing that can’t be neatly pigeonholed or explained away by our “modern knowledge” is rich pickings for my subject matter and its influence has seeped through to many of the surreal vignettes I have created.

Thank you to Yumikrum for agree to speak to Cross Connect!  You can see more of Yumikurm’s work on Flickr. Thanks to Uut Poetry.

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