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Street Artist: LonacLonac is a Croatian artist who is best known...

Street Artist: Lonac

Lonac is a Croatian artist who is best known for his photo-realistic murals painted with spray cans combined with brushes and influenced by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, movies, music… Lonac was born in Zagreb, Croatia in the mid 80′ and earned his degree at The Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb. He started doing graffiti back in elementary school but never took it too seriously. 

Finding inspiration from inner life and surrounding  for his works,  Lonac always has some sketches and a photo reference for the photo-realistic part. Sometimes he likes to combine photo-realism with the abstract background or with an illustrative 2d style. But lately, he works mostly in freehand technique by painting realistic/surrealistic murals. “I think in Croatia people still don’t take spray can as a medium too seriously. I see that as my window, my creating space. I feel that I’m upgrading from one work to another and taking it to the next level. “

Lonac currently lives and creates in Zagreb, Croatia. 

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