Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Paintings by Sarah Muirhead Sarah Muirhead is an artist born...

Paintings by Sarah Muirhead

Sarah Muirhead is an artist born 1987 in Glasgow, currently based in Edinburgh. 

I’m fascinated by the physicality and spirit of a body and it’s potential for pleasure, pain and expression. Idiosyncratic character is intrinsically important in my work but an anatomical, pulsing, critical view is also there. The image is an accurate representation but the close detail is an expressive pattern describing minute features. It’s a record of my examination of the subject and my relationship with them rather than a slavish copy of their every pore. 

I like using body paint and projectors to give my subjects something to interact with which often leads to an image which articulates the anatomy of the body or lets them be part of the process in deciding which pose or composition works best. 

It’s interesting to watch how people react with these tools and whether they use them self consciously or instinctively. 

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