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Man Posts The Most Horrifying Picture Of A Centipede That You Will Ever See

This is what a man in Thailand found sitting inside a container in his home. It is a female Soil Centipede, or scientifically known as a Geophilomorpha.
Not too many insects bother me, but these things give me the serious creeps.

Each of these centipede’s has 27 leg bearing segments of its body. If you’ve ever seen a centipede, you know those little legs can carry these things pretty damn fast.

Though their sight is basically limited to see light and dark, their other senses allow them to be skilled hunters. With their poisonous bite, they can cause swelling, severe pain, and fever in humans.

This things looks like something out of the show Ahhhh, Real Monsters.

The centipede uses its legs to carry and protect its young. It looks like nursery from your worst fears.

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