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Japanese Stencil Master: Roamcouch Roamcouch is a Japanese...

Japanese Stencil Master: Roamcouch

Roamcouch is a Japanese artist who has captivated audiences with his refine and elaborate works of cityscapes. His work stands out for having a quality and level of complexity that borders on the unbelievable and the artist can spend up to a year for some of his works. The artist selects a palette of up to 50 colours and for each colour creates a layer, hand cut with a cutter. The overlapping of the images generated by the templates creates the work.

Roamcouch is not very likely to represent complex ideas because, as he himself admits, he is not interested. His personal circumstances made him have a particular point of view about visual arts; Roamcouch searches for beauty in the images he represents, in the same way, he does on the experiences that life offers. His works show landmarks of major cities like London, Paris or New York, and so the artist embraces Western culture.

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