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Hikari Shimoda: Recycling Humanity Hikari Shimoda (下田ひかり) is a...

Hikari Shimoda: Recycling Humanity

Hikari Shimoda (下田ひかり) is a contemporary Japanese painter based in Nagano, Japan. She first studied illustration at the prestigious Kyoto Saga University of Art & Aoyama Juku School before beginning her career as an artist in 2008. She credits the Japanese pop culture she grew up with as the main source of inspiration of her Lowbrow “Irasuto” style. Recycling Humanity is her latest solo show presented at the Corey Helford Gallery Jan 16 - Feb 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA.

More Hikari: Tumblr | Facebook | EyesOnWalls Prints

via: Corey Helford Gallery - 30 Limited Edition Prints available

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