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Ashley YeoAs varied as her techniques are, ranging from finely...

Ashley Yeo

As varied as her techniques are, ranging from finely drawn illustrations to meticulous papercuts and sculptures, all of Ashley Yeo’s work is infused with a sense of frailty and isolation, like visions and artefacts brought back from a remote, decaying world. Abstract, alienesque objects hover above misty landscapes, mountains have been crowned with glowing lines of light. Between the leaves and underbrush strange little treasures and horrors can be found. She wraps the flesh and bone of her subjects in plastic, portraying them with a clinical tenderness, or heaps their carcasses onto a rotting pile. Most of her visions aren’t traditionally inviting or comforting, but Ashley’s attention to detail and muted, modest tones convey more a sense of loss and grieving than one of direct terror. The disasters and personal tragedies happened a long time ago - she shows us only the fascinating, dreamlike remains.

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