Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Acrylic Cube Art by Andrew MyersIn Andrew Myers’ attempt to push...

Acrylic Cube Art by Andrew Myers

In Andrew Myers’ attempt to push the boundaries of art and get out of his comfort zone, he has created a new form of art that he calls “cube art”.  The concept was to take thousands of pixels and create a three dimensional sculpture by combining them at different heights and depths.  The end result is a stunning, hanging sculpture that when viewed up close shows no promise of being any specific image.  However, as you step back, the cubes start aligning to create the intended image with stunning clarity.

With over 1200 cubes and 800 yards of stainless steel wire, the arduous task takes months to complete.  Each cube is hand painted on the back with a different color that is mixed in our studio.  Andrew believes that this new art form has no boundaries as far as size and complexity are concerned, and we look forward to the future of cube art.

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