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crossconnectmag: Surreal Digital Collage by Jati Putra...


Surreal Digital Collage by Jati Putra Pratama

When I look at Jati Putra Pratama’s designs I wished I could walk into the world he creates.  From Indonesian, Jati creates digital collage art.  His surreal art is a new take on reality - giving the viewer a vision of a world where the horizon bends at 90 degrees, and people walk in the clouds.  Thanks to Escape Kit!

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Subvisual SubwayDuring the summer of 2015 Craig Ward rode the...

Subvisual Subway

During the summer of 2015 Craig Ward rode the trains of each of New York City’s twenty-two subway lines, collecting bacterial samples from hand rails, seats and other high traffic surfaces in an attempt to create an unconventional series of portraits of the city’s complex eco-system and a snapshot of the city at large.

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Paintings by Robert YancyRobert Yancy born 1981 in Arkansas is...

Paintings by Robert Yancy

Robert Yancy born 1981 in Arkansas is a talented and very versatile (painting, sculpture and body painting) artist.

Nature has always had a profound influence on me. Consequently, most of my art portrays human interaction with nature. From the smallest insect at ground level to turtles, snakes, and rocks; to treetops, birds, clouds, and constant change, comprehending the world around me is of the utmost importance.
I have always had a love affair with birds. My new series of paintings and sculpture uses them as a tool of understanding. This body of work, entitled “Ornithology”, which is the study of birds, is a series of works exploring what is not revealed about people on the surface and the language used to describe them. I want this work to tell a story about the human body and soul, with birds as a vehicle of understanding.

For more information, make sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram for his upcoming works.

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Illustrations by Raphaël Vavasseur

Illustrations by Raphaël Vavasseur

Illustrations by Raphaël Vavasseur

Illustrations by Raphaël Vavasseur

Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Hindu Gathering of Kumbh...

Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Hindu Gathering of Kumbh Mela

Photographs by @tomer_ifrah

The photographer Tomer Ifrah mingled with one of the largest
religious gatherings in the world : The Hindu rally called Kumbh Mela in India. The photographer chose to shoot behind the scenes at the vigil , and the fervour of the fallout day. Especially stunning is the grain and mood of the photographs, which is provided by the low light sources captured by his lens.

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Novamobili Kommode Dotty 4 Schubladen

livarea: #livingroom #italy #novamobili #wohnzimmer


#livingroom #italy #novamobili #wohnzimmer

The Fantastic Characters of Kekai Kotaki Kekai Kotaki was born...

The Fantastic Characters of Kekai Kotaki

Kekai Kotaki was born & raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, but found the sunshine & beautiful scenery distracting so he moved to dreary Seattle in 2000 to attend art school. After graduating, he got a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise as a lowly texture artist. Through hard work & more than a little luck he was able to become a concept artist. After 5 years as Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2 & 8+ years total at ArenaNet, Kekai has left to go look for new endeavors & to work on his burgeoning illustration career.
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