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Paintings by Robert YancyRobert Yancy born 1981 in Arkansas is...

Paintings by Robert Yancy

Robert Yancy born 1981 in Arkansas is a talented and very versatile (painting, sculpture and body painting) artist.

Nature has always had a profound influence on me. Consequently, most of my art portrays human interaction with nature. From the smallest insect at ground level to turtles, snakes, and rocks; to treetops, birds, clouds, and constant change, comprehending the world around me is of the utmost importance.
I have always had a love affair with birds. My new series of paintings and sculpture uses them as a tool of understanding. This body of work, entitled “Ornithology”, which is the study of birds, is a series of works exploring what is not revealed about people on the surface and the language used to describe them. I want this work to tell a story about the human body and soul, with birds as a vehicle of understanding.

For more information, make sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram for his upcoming works.

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