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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Photomanipulations by Robert Houzar Robert Houzar is...

Photomanipulations by Robert Houzar Robert Houzar  is a Prague, Czech Republic based artist working with high resolution photography. The main topic of his work is transformation and movement of mass, caused by human existence. Thanks to the method of a manipulated photography and computer collage, I can take all the mass produced by mankind and handle it completely freely, deprive it of its purpose, throw its fragments on a heap like branches in forest, crush skyscrapers in Hong Kong to small pieces and let them mould like old pieces of wood. I work with photographic material purchased mainly in big urban conglomerations such as Hong Kong, New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin, etc. High resolution of pictures enables me to create large-format prints with the most delineated details. I cut pictures of the world, create structures from structures, question them in spite of the fact I am ingrained in them.  Be sure to check out his Saatchi Art  profile. Connect

Stunning Drawings and Paintings by Nicolaus Ferry Nicolaus...

Stunning Drawings and Paintings by Nicolaus Ferry Nicolaus Ferry Hadinata  aka nicofey  is an sketcher and painter from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Follow him on Instagram  and Facebook . via Let’s make # CrossConnect the most popular hashtag on Twitter ! posted by Margaret

crossconnectmag: Gregory Colbert’s Powerful Art Turns Into...

crossconnectmag : Gregory Colbert’s Powerful Art Turns Into Cinemagraphs by Jerology Calloway As technology evolves it allows artists to work across platforms, taking their art from one form to another and sparking creativity among other artists.   Czytaj dalej

crossconnectmag: Dünyalılar | Earthlings by Ali Çetin Bodies...

crossconnectmag : Dünyalılar | Earthlings by Ali Çetin Bodies made out of parts, brains set to its goals, here are our latest versions…Ali’s vision of what our greed will turn us into…. Posted by Andrew Don’t forget our Facebook

SUGITA ACE Minim+Aid Features 5cm Wide Waterproof Tube to Carry Basic Emergency Supply Kit

SUGITA ACE has asked Nendo to design modern emergency kit for disaster preparedness. Minim+Aid is a 5cm wide waterproof tube that floats, it contain basic kit you need to survive when a disaster strikes. It’s been known that Japan has faced numerous natural disasters, especially earthquake. On March 11, 2011 this country was struck by earthquake to remind them once again the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness, but people are more selective nowadays, instead of finding conventional emergency kits, they prefer to find more versatile solution to suit a variety of situations. Minim+Aid has been designed to include everything a city dweller need to make it to a place for refugee during disasters. There are 5 smaller tubes inside this unit where each tube contains essential item to survive: a whistle to alert others of your presence, a radio, a raincoat, lantern, drinking water, and medicine. The radio features manual/hand crank charging functionality, it means that you can