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Photomanipulations by Robert Houzar Robert Houzar is...

Photomanipulations by Robert Houzar

Robert Houzar is a Prague, Czech Republic based artist working with high resolution photography. The main topic of his work is transformation and movement of mass, caused by human existence.

Thanks to the method of a manipulated photography and computer collage,
I can take all the mass produced by mankind and handle it completely freely, deprive it of its purpose, throw its fragments on a heap like branches in forest, crush skyscrapers in Hong Kong to small pieces and let them mould like old pieces of wood.
I work with photographic material purchased mainly in big urban conglomerations such as Hong Kong, New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin, etc. High resolution of pictures enables me to create large-format prints with
the most delineated details.
I cut pictures of the world, create structures from structures, question them
in spite of the fact I am ingrained in them. 

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