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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Iain MacarthurIain Macarthur is a freelance...

Illustrations by Iain Macarthur Iain Macarthur is a freelance illustrator born in Swindon, England in 1986. He became a fanatic of art at the age of eight when he was first introduced to art through the medium of cartoon television shows and comic books. In 2008 Lain graduated from Swindon College with a degree in HND Illustration.   My work can be described as surreal and unique in its own way. Using mostly pencil, watercolours and pigment pens, I create portraits of ordinary people but create them in a unusual way by, embellishing patterns and watercolour effects into the portrait to give a vivid explosion effect transforming their faces from something plain to something entirely bizarre and wonderful at the same time. Artist website ,  Facebook  and Instagram . Connect to more passionate artwork on our Facebook page posted by Margaret

Tim Mantoani’s Photographer PortraitsPhotographer Tim...

Tim Mantoani’s Photographer Portraits Photographer Tim Mantoani is the man behind one of the great photo projects and books of our time. Called “ Behind Photographs “, the series is a giant collection of giant 20×24 Polaroid pictures of some of the world’s most famous photographers holding their most iconic photos. Like much more art on our Facebook        Posted by   Andrew

yellowmenace: Nekoshowgun: Ravenous Inklings Nekoshowgun...

yellowmenace : Nekoshowgun: Ravenous Inklings Nekoshowgun (猫将軍) is an illustrator who was born in Wakayama prefecture, Japan in 1982. She works primarily in ink & colored pencil, focusing on unusual portraits of women or animals. She recently published her own illustration book, ‘ ILLUSTRATION MAKING & VISUAL BOOK ’. More Nekoshowgun: Facebook | Twitter ● Inked Wild Things on YM Blog (66 images) See more: ● Japanese Art on YM Tumblr ● Japanese Contemporary Art @ YM Pinterest Yellowmenace : The Slanted Eye on Asian Art BLOG   |   PINTEREST   |   FACEBOOK   |   JOIN   |   CROSS CONNECT

nonconcept: City Cottage, located on the island Lauttasaari,...

nonconcept : City Cottage, located on the island Lauttasaari, Finland by Verstas Architects . (Photography: Andreas Meichsner )

really-shit: Human-scape, Woojin Chang Also titled “Shapes of...

really-shit : Human-scape, Woojin Chang Also titled “Shapes of Desire”, these intricate works from the Seoul-born artist depict landscapes constructed solely with the use of the human form.

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon

Fraser Leid has submitted his latest concept design proposal for Alessi. Conique is a unique toaster design, resulting from Fraser’s attempt to re-envisage a common household appliance into something with futuristic form. Fraser felt that toasters nowadays share similar characteristics, not much has changed since it was first introduced. After researching into different aspects of how toasters work, Fraser decided to threw the rulebook out of the window and made an attempt to design a piece that holds a never before seen aesthetic with the same functional value. Certain areas are highlighted as an attempt to improve the current design such as: an angled slot elevation instead of vertical configuration, allowing toast to be easily accessed by user, no more exposed toast slots to create better aesthetic and limit foreign objects from falling inside, more efficient heating element, and remove electromagnet bread carriage mechanism by replacing it with a gradual system, making “pop up” a

Weapons And Money Seized On German Plane In Baghdad (4 pics)

The details are slim, but authorities in Baghdad recently seized a big stash of weapons and money that were stashed on a German plane. The weapons were apparently supposed to be used to help the Kurds fight ISIS but it's unknown if the plane is military or private.