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Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon

Fraser Leid has submitted his latest concept design proposal for Alessi. Conique is a unique toaster design, resulting from Fraser’s attempt to re-envisage a common household appliance into something with futuristic form. Fraser felt that toasters nowadays share similar characteristics, not much has changed since it was first introduced. After researching into different aspects of how toasters work, Fraser decided to threw the rulebook out of the window and made an attempt to design a piece that holds a never before seen aesthetic with the same functional value.

Certain areas are highlighted as an attempt to improve the current design such as: an angled slot elevation instead of vertical configuration, allowing toast to be easily accessed by user, no more exposed toast slots to create better aesthetic and limit foreign objects from falling inside, more efficient heating element, and remove electromagnet bread carriage mechanism by replacing it with a gradual system, making “pop up” a bit subtle.

Designer : Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

The main aesthetic inspiration behind Conique concept toaster was streamlining of the 1930’s. Fraser wanted to produce something that would be more presentable in a kitchen environment, something that you don’t need to hide.

The finalized choice is extremely minimalistic, featuring clean aluminum exterior apart from the rear mounted timer dial. Press the canopy cover, it would slowly rise and recede backward as 2 glass ceramic toast slots elevate out of the toaster, presenting themselves at 35-degree angle. Insert the bread and return the canopy to a closed position, the semiconductors then begin to toast the bread. Closed canopy design allows your toast to stay warm for longer period of time. There’s a heat sensor located at the rear of the enclosure, it detects the variance of temperature inside the toaster and engages extractor fan when it becomes unhandleable. You can find more cool concepts from Fraser at his portfolio site.

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon by Fraser Leid

Tuvie has received “Conique Concept Toaster” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design


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