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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Little oiltumblr l behance l instagram

Illustrations by Little oil tumblr l behance l instagram

The Beautiful Anatomical Art of  Hernan ChavarHernan’s...

The Beautiful Anatomical Art of  Hernan Chavar Hernan’s Facebook Like our Art on Facebook    Posted by Andrew

Illustrations by Marta Adan

Illustrations by Marta Adan

Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker.

Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker .

really-shit: Ouch (h/t Top of Reddit)

really-shit : Ouch (h/t Top of Reddit )

Living the surreal, Charlie DavoliCheck out past features for...

Living the surreal, Charlie Davoli Check out past features for #surrealism  on Cross Connect Mag . RS

Photographing Rodin - Photography by Sky BergmanPhotographer Sky...

Photographing Rodin - Photography by Sky Bergman Photographer Sky Bergman was in Italy and became entranced with Rodin’s sculptures. She was seduced by the luminous quality of the Rodin sculptures and became very intrigued with taking the sculptures out of their original setting and transforming the images. She was fascinated with the idea of bringing the sculptures to life; the tension, which was created as the viewer became unsure if the image he or she is confronting, is a photograph or a real person or a sculpture. VIA Get more information at Artadoo . There’s more luminous art at our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

Satire Cartoonist:  Pawel Kuczynski Some of new works...

Satire Cartoonist:  Pawel Kuczynski Some of new works by   Pawel Kuczynski ,  Polish artist who specializes in satirical illustration.   (see previous post) Following us on Facebook increases the chance of discovering more talented artists. Now that’s cool. posted by Margaret