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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Dadipark Abandoned Amusement Park Dadizele,...

Entrance to the Nautic Jet Attraction, where the boy lost his arm. Nautic Jet Ride Dadipark Abandoned Amusement Park Dadizele, Belgium 1950-2002  Originally, Dadipark was built as a simple playground for children by a local pastor and eventually evolved into an independent theme park in 1980.  The theme park was very successful for quite some time, entertaining a million guests during its peak year.   Unfortunately, things started to take a turn for the worse as the increasingly rundown rides became more dangerous.  In 2000, a young boy lost his arm on the Nautic Jet ride (Entrance of ride pictured top right). Sadly in 2002, the park closed down for “renovations and the park was abandoned, never to reopen.

really-shit: INEBRI-NATION (Les Baker V) Interesting series...

Ketamine THC MDMA Psilocybin Hard Liquor Cocaine Beer LSD really-shit : INEBRI-NATION (Les Baker V) Interesting series including overlapping images of individuals using drugs with related images to that specific drug. Click on the photos to reveal the identity. Humans have been finding ways to alter their minds for thousands of years. The culture constantly evolves; from picking wild berries and fermenting them in a gatherer’s pouch to collecting mushrooms filled with psilocybin. Millions of dollars are spent on research and development of pills from pharmaceutical companies, while at the same time a guy is in his garage using household chemicals in a dangerous homemade lab. A spiritual journey, relaxation, concentration, and recreational enjoyment are among the many reasons people use to explain the urge to alter their conscious mind. The government has played an integral part in the movement to criminalize drugs; including waging “wars” on certain substan

Camouflaged Self Portraits by Cecilia Paredes Is worth seeing...

Camouflaged Self Portraits by Cecilia Paredes Is worth seeing again excellent body paintings of Cecilia Paredes (Peruvian, b.1950) (previously) . She is contemporary performance and installation artist, who is best known for her unusual work in which she uses her own body as a canvas for body paint. Her last name, Paredes, which means walls in Spanish, perfectly suits her fascination with turning herself into a human chameleon and melting herself into the walls. Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive. posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Emily ChendA l tumblr l website l shop

Illustrations by  Emily Chen dA l tumblr l website l shop

Catherine’s Palace,...

Catherine’s Palace, Russia Fancy having your work featured in front of 185,000+ art lovers? Submit!

Timelapse-Movie - One World Trade Center. (Via: EarthCam)

Timelapse-Movie - One World Trade Center. (Via: EarthCam )

Yue Yang’s Paintings of Color, Space & Shadow Yue...

Yue Yang’s Paintings of Color, Space & Shadow Yue Yang was born in Longnan, Gan Su province in the northwest of China. He had special interest in art when he was still a child & he also studied western philosophy. In 2005, he went to Beijing Songzhuang, the birthplace of Chinese contemporary art. His paintings are a combination of Chinese traditional art & western modern art, making new breakthroughs both in materials & technique. Heavily abstracted & sculptural, his bright perforated forms resemble colorful coral reefs with the shadows they appear to cast creating a secondary art piece. - via: Saatchi Art Dive into the Cross Connect Archive for more rare hidden treasures. Posted by Yellowmenace

nonconcept: Pearl Skulls by japanese Designer Shinji Nakaba.

nonconcept : Pearl Skulls by japanese Designer Shinji Nakaba .

Cliff House by Modscape Concept.

Cliff House by Modscape Concept .

Sky Garden House, Sentosa Island, Singapore by Guz Architects.

Sky Garden House, Sentosa Island, Singapore by Guz Architects .

Collages By Naro Pinosa Naro Pinosa  born in 1979 digital...

Collages By Naro Pinosa Naro Pinosa   born in 1979 digital artist from Spain, creates imaginative collages, which he mainly shares on his  Instagram . Whether it be Greek sculptures or classical paintings, he takes this imagery and layers them on the photographs in an absurd manner. By combining the old and the new with a sense of humor, the collages question the viewer’s perception and explore themes of sexuality and nostalgia. Follow him on @ Tumblr . If you aren’t following Cross Connect , you’re missing out. posted by Margaret