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The Paintings of  Sophie WilkinsPainter and muralistPainting for...

The Paintings of  Sophie Wilkins

Painter and muralist
Painting for me is a basic need. A need to express in picture this parallel universe dancing in my head.    Facebook

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Architectural Watercolors by Luca Massone Luca Massone was born...

Architectural Watercolors by Luca Massone

Luca Massone was born in Genoa in 1967. In 1984 he took his art diploma at the School of Art “ N. Barabino” of Genoa. Later he graduated in architecture at Genoa University and he took the license to practice architect profession. In 2011 he decided to pursue a parallel artistic career that enhances his artistic and graphic’s abilities, showing with a very personal style views and perspectives of Genoa and of the neighborhood where he lives - Pegli.

I decided to take my artistic career after many years in which the design has helped me to understand my design ideas to other people. My drawings made ​​with ink or black ballpoint pen I realize them without bases preparatory directly on the card so as to preserve the freshness and spontaneity ‘of the stroke. In this way also the realization of fantasy landscapes, usually start drawing without knowing precisely the end result, I find it very risky but fun! 

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A Painter of NutsSteve Casino is a peanut painter, monster maker...

A Painter of Nuts

Steve Casino is a peanut painter, monster maker and toy inventor. His collection of miniatures feature a slew of iconic and adored characters from pop culture and throughout history.

Styled by French architect Daniel Renard, the Romanian Cazinoul...

Styled by French architect Daniel Renard, the Romanian Cazinoul din Constanța, has elegantly light pink French Doors. It has been abandoned since 1990 and was built in 1910. It is said to be set for Re use and Restoration Fall of 2015.

The Abstract Imagery of protobacillus​Gustavo Spredemann and...

The Abstract Imagery of protobacillus

Gustavo Spredemann and Leone Simonetti are a pair of artists that post their work under the name protobacillus.

Gustavo is 26 and Leone is 25. They are both Brazilian Bachelors in Graphic Design. Leone is based in Joinville - SC (Brazil) while Gustavo is currently based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Gustavo works as a freelancer webdesigner and graphic designer and Leone is focused on graphic design and traditional painting.

Protobacillus started out in March 2014 under a different name and format. Initially they were just creating nonsense poster-like images in Adobe Photoshop. Those images soon evolved into what looks more like abstract paintings, sometimes very digital looking and sometimes looking like they have actually been painted.

Their goal is to explore what can be done with the digital media and stretch its boundaries in a way that the tool is both the inspiration as well as the means to create. For them, this is a way to free themselves from the constraints of all the rules of graphic design and do something that is more organic and experimental.

A lot of times they play with the imperfections or unexpected results of effects and operations when applied repeatedly or in a certain order. Working as a duo is an interesting dynamic for them as they share what they learn along the way and get challenged and inspired by each other’s work.

They also recently began experimenting with animated gifs using Adobe After Effects following the same principles and procedures we applied to the creation of the images, and that’s when they started getting more visibility on tumblr.

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nonconcept: Abrante Lookout, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain by...


Abrante Lookout, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain by Jose Luis Bermejo Martin Architects.

The  Modernism of  Rabu Belcin’s OilsRadu Belcin catches...

The  Modernism of  Rabu Belcin’s Oils

Radu Belcin catches attention by new associations of characters, or objects, in a chiaroscuro-painted atmosphere. Starting the quest from the expression of reality study, Belcin explore the identities of the individual and of the present. The frame of such visual exploration is addressed in chiaroscuro. The delight of long shadows elongating in the background, the sparks of light, coming from the scenographically designed spot lights create the atmosphere that leads to a world of dreams or nightmares. Txt Via Nasui Gallery

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