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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Modern Cityscapes Simas Lin

Modern Cityscapes   Simas Lin


Re-blog from : “ Stefanie Rocknak’ s pieces are slightly larger than lifesize, torsos and heads twisted into intense expressions that can be seen in both the face and body. Each work is incredibly serious, the pupil-less eyes seeming to look right through the viewer. “-  More larger than life art at our Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa .

Audi Capsule : Design Study Single Seater Concept Car In Collaboration with Audi

Audi Capsule is a small compact single seater concept transportation by Francisco Calado. It is idealized for 2025 made during SPD 2012/2013 master´s in transportation and car design with Audi collaboration. The concept is focused around the intersection of cylinders and characterized by the interpretation of the single frame that allows the connection between the front panel and the cabin creating a dialogue between exterior and interior. The driver and urban surrounding are also connected thanks to the wrap-up greenhouse guaranteeing a complete panoramic vision field to the driver. The cabin embraces the driver offering a sense of sportiness and protection thanks to the high shoulder line. Taking advantage of the peculiar architecture of the vehicle, Capsule is also able to offer notable loading capacity for a 1.87 meters car. Designer : Francisco Calado Click above image for bigger view Audi Capsule : Design Study Single Seater Concept Car In Collaboration with Audi

Oakley Personal Gear Vehicle Interior Design Study for 2024

Submitted by Hyukwoo Kwon, this project is about a modern interior for personal vehicle. It’s been designed based on the idea what if Oakley designed for transportation, how would it turn out to be and what would be the outcome in the future? This project is about how it would be if the car can wear the gear just like a person with backpack, glasses, or other accessories. Car interior is an environment made by many different products. How it looks if one person vehicle has replaceable function such as Oakley eyewear sunglasses. It is not only for the engine and steering wheel, but also the wheels and the backseat can be part of the gear for a particular function and customized style regardless of the terrain. Oakley is a brand well known for its sports eyewear products. Beginning with the motorcycle anti-slip handle, Oakley has been growing up worldwide as comprehensive sporting gear company. It’s now not only known for fashion sunglasses or sports goggles, but also for clothing, ba