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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Alex Chinneck A Bullet from a Shooting Star (Images 1 &...

Alex Chinneck A Bullet from a Shooting Star (Images 1 & 2) Telling the Truth Through False Teeth (Images 3 & 4) A Pound of Flesh for 50p (Images 5 & 6) Take my Lightning but Don’t Steal my Thunder (Images 7 & 8)  From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes (Images 9 & 10)



Classical Painting by Patric HennePatric Henne (previously) born...

Classical Painting by Patric Henne Patric Henne   (previously)  born 1985 is a self-taught figurative painter based in Berlin, Germany. People are at the center of his work. Indeed, Henne often borrows compositional styles and subject matter from representational styles of the past. At times, Henne references and remixes specific paintings seeming to turn the dial on ‘saturation’ and ‘hue’. In this way Henne transforms familiar imagery and icons of art history into highly personal artwork. Follow him on @ patrickhenne.tumblr  and check out his  SaatchiArt  profile. Keep in touch by following Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

Paintings by Mark Elliott Mark Elliott has been doing...

Paintings by Mark Elliott Mark Elliott has been doing editorial and book illustrations for 20 years which have been featured in several Society of Illustrator shows and Spectrum annuals. He is graduated from the school of Visual Arts in New York City with a BFA in Illustration. Mark likes to paint with acrylics on something he calls amber board, a homespun procedure that duplicates the delicate velvety tooth of copal varnish. He currently resides in the Connecticut River Valley, Southbury, USA. Art prints and posters avilable in his  shop.    Make your blog look like a million dollars by following us on Tumblr ! posted by Margaret

Powerful Black and White Art by Annysa NGAnnysa Ng is a...

Powerful Black and White Art by Annysa NG Annysa Ng is a contemporary artist who works in New York and Hong Kong.  In her black and white series she illuminates the dichotomy between the Western and Eastern cultural influences present in Hong Kong.   In the two-dimensional works, the featureless blackout faces of the figures are specifically tied to identity and the history of Hong Kong… . . Combing period European fashion with traditional Chinese costume, the work does not merely illustrate a combination of cultures take place in Hong Kong, but specifies the paradox of constructing void identity. Via Annysa Ng Artist Statement Intrigued?  Check out our Facebook Page for more.  Posted by Lisa .

Illustrations by Svenja Jödicke (PixieCold)dA l shop

Illustrations by Svenja Jödicke (PixieCold) dA l  shop

Photos of Clinton’s pets and their life in The White House (25 Pics)

You surely know that feeling, when you get sick being a human and you look at the peaceful face of your dog or cat and you feel the plain jealousy. Well, the intensity of that feeling will double when you are going to see the life of the First Family Pets. Being a pet in a White House surely is not a bad life, right? –  The President Clinton was very well known about his affection towards animals and it was a well known fact that the president grew up with dogs. The Clintons’ decided to expand their family when  Chelsea was preparing to leave for college. Socks-The Cat  The White House cat was once a homeless, until Chelsea found him in front of her Piano Teacher’s house. Socks followed Chelsea to her home in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, and then became a resident in The presidential White House. Photograph of Socks the Cat Sitting Behind the President’s Desk in the Oval Office 01 07 1994  Photograph of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Socks the Cat 12 13 1995 Bef