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Illustrations by SnowSkadi

Illustrations by SnowSkadi

Teme AbdullahCheck out these amazing sketches from an...

Teme Abdullah

Check out these amazing sketches from an architecture student living in London from Malaysia!

I'm sorry, but I don't think that other Anon has any idea what a trigger is. A trigger would be something that gives one the feeling of reliving an actual traumatic experience, and I really don't see how any of that artwork can possibly be an actual trigger for anyone?

Thank you, common sense will win out in the end :)

Hello there, re your post about Randy Ortiz - please, please tag posts that have gore/horror/shock as 'horror tw' etc because such a shocking/unexpected image can be very triggering for people (can give them panic attacks etc). Thank you

The Drawing and Illustration of Randy OrtizRandy Ortiz began...

The Drawing and Illustration of Randy Ortiz

Randy Ortiz began life as a burrowing freshwater larva. At this stage, he was toothless, with rudimentary eyes, and fed on microorganisms. He transformed into an adult through metamorphosis similar to most amphibians. It involved a radical rearrangement of internal organs, development of eyes and transformation from a mud-dwelling filter feeder into an efficient swimming parasite and sexual tyrannosaur. Randy is a self-taught artist and he illustrates and designs his art by attaching his mouth to a goatfish, secreting an anticoagulant into the host, and drawing with the blood and melted tissue that spills from the gelatinous orifice. Randy draws influence from the dead shells of insect vessels ravaged by parasitic cordyceps, careful not to inhale the deadly strings of ascospores created by the flask-shaped perithecia.

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VALERIS Discovery Phase

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SUBMISSIONKarolina ZglobickaMy work is about layering again and...


Karolina Zglobicka

My work is about layering again and again.

Constant process of removing, and adding to the composition erratically, allows me to freely explore the contradictions of materiality and colour within painting along with the balance between meaning and explanation, vision and gesture, word and unspoken thought.
With visible liquidity in the way in which the paint is applied to canvas, I often use white as a neutralising aspect to the works – a personal form of eradicating what is deemed unsatisfactory or unnecessary, juxtaposing its use as a base, starting point, main element of composition and medium to alter the presence of colour.

SUBMISSIONRyan MooreI’ve painted on the grip of the skateboards...


Ryan Moore

I’ve painted on the grip of the skateboards I have ridden since ‘98. At first I used white out smudged with my thumb to create my images. Naturally I moved onto stenciling. My output was always limited by how many boards i rode a year but that also encouraged me to put more effort into each one. After a number of yrs doing this the next logical step was to put the griptape into frames. To do these I take a picture of the subject and hand cut multiple stencils to layer white spraypaint on black skateboard griptape with paint application giving the different grey scales.. As you can imagine this is a really time-consuming process & I like to think of them as a modern b&w alternative to the velvet paintings that fasinated me as a child.  All works are one offs.

SUBMISSIONHi! I just thought you might like what I am doing. So...


Hi! I just thought you might like what I am doing. So here is one painting (“I love you, but I´ve chosen war”)… If you are interested in more stuff, take a look on my pages: &

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alextoothart: alextoothart: #portrait :)—Facebook - Twitter -...



#portrait :)

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Fixed face!

Ethereal Black and White Watercolor Paintings by Elicia...

Ethereal Black and White Watercolor Paintings by Elicia Edijanto

Elicia Edijanto is a Indonesia based arist and illustrator, currently lives in Jakarta. In her watercolors Elicia captures unique connection between small, vulnerable children and powerful creatures of the wild like elephants, wolves and bears with peace and confidence. Those dreamlike-scenes are both tranquil and contemplative. Follow her on Tumblr.

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After Having A Rough Year This Woman Decided To Travel The World (10 pics)

After falling while rock climbing, getting hit by a car then being diagnosed with skin cancer, Megan Sullivan decided it was time to see the world. She didn't let any of her bad luck stop her from following her dream. She made her way around the world in only 13 days and managed to see some incredible things on her journey.