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Signs | Salvaged Reverse Glass by Lewis McGuffie

Signs | Salvaged Reverse Glass by Lewis McGuffie


SUBMISSIONShirin AbediniradShirin Abedinirad was born in 1986,...


Shirin Abedinirad

Shirin Abedinirad was born in 1986, in Tabriz, Iran. In 2002, she began her artistic activities with painting. She studied graphic design and fashion design at Dr. Shariaty University in Tehran, where her research focused on conceptual art and the ways in which it overlaps with fashion design.

While studying fashion design, she began working as a model. In 2010, Shirin was chosen as the face of United Colors of Benetton F/W International Campaign. As part of the campaign, she was invited to work with Benetton’s research center, Fabrica, in Treviso, Italy.

Around this time, she started engaging in performance art pieces around Iran, confronting issues of gender, sexuality, and human compassion. She has also put on public shows in Spain, Turkey and India. Since 2012, Shirin has been making video art, exploring the notion of self and identity with moving images. She studied under critically-acclaimed Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. In both her performance pieces and videos, she designs her own costumes, props, and sets.   Her Tumblr

The Morgan Library and Museum  McKim, Mead & White The...

The Morgan Library and Museum  McKim, Mead & White

The Original Library

“With its three-story inlaid walnut bookshelves and magnificent ceiling, the East Room was designed as a treasury for Pierpont Morgan’s remarkable collection of rare printed books. The sixteenth-century Netherlandish tapestry over the mantelpiece depicts avarice, one of the seven deadly sins, personified by the mythological King Midas. Two staircases, concealed behind bookcases, provide access to the balconies. Paintings by H. Siddons Mowbray adorn the upper reaches of the room, and the signs of the zodiac are depicted in the ceiling’s hexagonal spandrels. (Morgan was a member of an exclusive dining club that admitted only twelve members at a time—one for each sign of the zodiac—and the arrangement of the signs in his library’s ceiling may carry a hidden meaning related to key events in his personal life.) Allegorical depictions of the arts and sciences alternate with portraits of figures from Socrates to Michelangelo, identifying the library as a place for the preservation of art and ideas.”

Text and images via The Morgan Library and Museum

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Abstract Isometric Art by isometric-spaceJonas is a 16 year old...

Abstract Isometric Art by isometric-space

Jonas is a 16 year old artist from Germany. He is in school and has interest in Japan and Japanese, and speaks German, English, and French. He loves making geometric art, and playing guitar.

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Esade Creapolis by Gil Posner

Esade Creapolis by Gil Posner


littlelimpstiff14u2: Amazing  Kirsten Berg  Sculpture for...


Amazing  Kirsten Berg  Sculpture for Burning Man - Compound eye/1

“Compound I” challenges our sense of separation as it simultaneously presents the concept of eye as instrument of reflection and ‘I’ as object of reflection. Up close, the sculpture reinforces a familiar sense of self by placing us at the center of each reflective lens. Stepping away, we see our image overlapping with everyone else’ – a composite of shared reflection.

Word Press article


GulishClothing by Jose Joaquin Dominguez

GulishClothing by Jose Joaquin Dominguez