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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Thomas Strzalkowski

Thomas Strzalkowski

_Nudity_Surreal drawings and sculptures by Stephanie...

_Nudity_ Surreal drawings and sculptures by Stephanie Inagaki Stephanie Inagaki is an artist from Southern California who doesn’t limit her ideas to one art form. If you look at her website you’ll find wonderful illustrations, impressive art sculptures and wonderful jewelry all with the same macabre touch. In her own words:

Tássia BianchiniI´m a visual artist and designer based in São...

Tássia Bianchini I´m a visual artist and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I work mainly with oil painting, drawing and photography. My work explores struggle in its many spheres as a creative force. I believe struggle is an active force towards freedom, metaphorically and figuratively, therefore art for me is an act of transformation that occurs when our 3 mechanisms of perception, mind, emotions and body, converge in a certain state of balance and depth. Therefore from that I study relations, time, transitivity, movement, body perception, decay, nature, expression and language. I believe a visual construction don’t need to be strictly based on form. I think of them as registry of an action, a trace left by an occurrence; they are somewhere in between the perception of a visual image and an act performed by the body. Tumblr | FB | Instagram

Architexture - Niemeyer Cedric Lefebvre

Architexture - Niemeyer Cedric Lefebvre

really-shit: Chesty Jefferson embroiders old postcards, maps,...

really-shit : Chesty Jefferson embroiders old postcards, maps, and found images and objects.

Some more great work from DotroomPosted by AndrewCheck out our...

Some more great work from Dotroom Posted by Andrew Check out our Facebook

jacobjoaquin:Virtual Ink Lines Inside HexagonBuilt with...

jacobjoaquin : Virtual Ink Lines Inside Hexagon Built with Processing

François Angers

François Angers