Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tássia BianchiniI´m a visual artist and designer based in São...

Tássia Bianchini

I´m a visual artist and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I work mainly with oil painting, drawing and photography. My work explores struggle in its many spheres as a creative force. I believe struggle is an active force towards freedom, metaphorically and figuratively, therefore art for me is an act of transformation that occurs when our 3 mechanisms of perception, mind, emotions and body, converge in a certain state of balance and depth. Therefore from that I study relations, time, transitivity, movement, body perception, decay, nature, expression and language. I believe a visual construction don’t need to be strictly based on form. I think of them as registry of an action, a trace left by an occurrence; they are somewhere in between the perception of a visual image and an act performed by the body.

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