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Double Space - Precision and Poetry in Motion Edward Barber...

Double Space - Precision and Poetry in Motion E dward Barber & Jay Osgerby

"‘Double Space - Precision and Poetry in Motion’ is the latest exhibition by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, for the 2014 London Design Festival. Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby are fascinated by aeronautical, automotive and maritime engineering, and the interplay between movement, performance and scale. Double Space at the Victoria and Albert Museum encapsulates these passions, with the largest structure that they have ever created. Doubles Space is designed to challenge and delight the visitor, creating a completely new way to experience the classic architecture and beautiful cartoons in the Raphael Gallery. Two enormous reflective silver elements are suspended in the ceiling space, and rotate in a series of choreographed movements. The project has been made possible with the enormous skill of a team of experts, and was commissioned by BMW and London Design Festival.”

DaveandJenn David Foy And Jennifer Saleik both received their...


David Foy And Jennifer Saleik both received their Fine Art Diplomas in 2003 from Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton. In 2004 they formed as the team DaveandJenn. Together in 2006, they went on to earn their BFAs with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design.

They were shortlisted for the Royal Bank of Canada’s Canadian Painting Competition in 2006 and 2009. In 2010 DaveandJenn were awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Biennial Emerging Artist Award.

DaveandJenn’s work has been collected by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Calgary Civic Art Collection and The Royal Bank of Canada.

They have also received project grants and support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts.

DaveandJenn currently live and work in Calgary, Alberta.

They have exhibited throughout Canada and abroad.txt Via


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Hi, and thanks for posting about my work! Just wanted to let you know the big all-black cut out that looks like an explosion is not my work. It's the work of Andreas Kocks. All best, Mia Pearlman

Thank you Mia for pointing that out, I have sorted it out, a small mistake from our contributor,...

why bees and bombs? whats the meaning?

lost to the sands of time my friend

The Future of Rare Earth Elements

The Future of Rare Earth Elements

really-shit: Born in 1986, GRAFFMATT is a French artist who...


Born in 1986, GRAFFMATT is a French artist who hails from Chambéry, in Savoy. Passionate about street art and Hip-Hop culture, GRAFFMATT explores many artistic fields and different media with the urban scene always being his main source of inspiration. He is also inspired by street fashion, designated under the name of street style fashion trend. Even if his preference goes more to the model than to the style of dress, GRAFFMATT focuses on authenticity, like a candid shot, with no devices other than the natural appearance and outside light.

Tokyo Smart Wheel : Smart Guiding System for Tourists

Tokyo Smart Wheel offers smart guiding for tourists that are not familiar with the city of Tokyo. It can be pretty challenging for them to navigate the city, especially those with lack of language skills needed to communicate easily. Even some streets don’t have name and the lack of Wi-Fi access makes it even more difficult to explore this awesome city. Considering these issues, especially when Tokyo will host various Olympic events in 2020, these industrial designers have come up with a design proposal for the solution.

Tokyo Smart Wheel is your personal guide to the city of Tokyo. It’s an electric, self-stabilizing unicycle which can be found in different locations near venues, parked in one large station. Once you tap your ticket to the main station, the wheels are unlocked, it is also accompanied with a smart bracelet that can be used to activate the wheel when worn.

Designers : Setareh Shamdani, Filippo Del Carlo, and Hsin-Hua (Sheana) Yu

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

The smart system of this personal transportation will link the bracelet to your profile once you use your ticket. It’ll guide you from one location to another by suggesting best routes to take, food to try, unexplored areas to see. Don’t worry, you would still be able to reach your destination in time. The bracelet projects any information onto your arm, giving you different options and possible routes to take, once you choose your path, the wheel would guide you to your destination through haptic feedback, making vibrations through the right or left foot stand to indicate what turns to make.

Once you’re done traveling through the city, simply place the bracelet back onto the wheel and it will be deactivated after sending signal to the nearest main station to be picked and recharged.

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel : Smart Guiding System for Tourists is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Vasa :A 17th Century Warship That Sank, Was Recovered And Now Sits in a Museum

In 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa set off on its maiden voyage from Stockholm harbor towards Poland, where a war was raging in the Baltic. Built by 400 craftsmen at the royal shipyard at Stockholm, the ship was richly decorated as a symbol of the king's ambitions for Sweden and himself. It was 69 meters long and was fitted with 64 cannons, and upon completion, it was of the most powerfully armed vessels in the world of that time. Unfortunately, Vasa was too top heavy and dangerously unstable. Despite the lack of stability, the king was eager to see her in battle and pushed her to sea. On the day of departure, a swelling crowd gathered at the harbor to watch the ship leave. Over a hundred crewmen along with women and children were on board as the crew was permitted to take family and guests along for the first part of the passage. After sailing just 1,300 meters, at the first strong breeze, the ship foundered, leaned over and sank. Around 30 people lost their lives.

Once the ship’s valuable bronze cannons were salvaged, Vasa was mostly forgotten, until she was located and recovered from the shallow waters in 1961. With a largely intact hull, the ship was housed in a temporary museum called Wasavarvet ("The Wasa Shipyard") until 1988 and then she was moved to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. Today, the ship is one of Sweden's most popular tourist attractions and is seen by a million visitors each year.

Oscar : Intelligent Visual Aid Gives You Unrestricted Vision in Everyday Situations

Our vision plays fundamental part in our everyday situations, however, with increasing age, the flexibility of eye lens deteriorates as well. Oscar is an intelligent visual aid that provides you with unrestricted vision in your daily activities, it looks like glasses, but it’s not. There are various types of visual aids such as reading glasses, magnifying glasses, or specific glasses, but the idea of switching from one to another can be a bit annoying, don’t you agree?

Ina Riedel, the designer of Oscar, suffers a visual impairment since childhood, that’s why she wants to design and develop visual aid that offers its user optimal solutions. Using innovative liquid-crystal-technology, this device becomes a unique tool that adapts dynamically to different situations. The precise curves and a distinct color scheme convey a design language of technology and prescision, this visual aid follows the zeitgeist of electronic devices.

Designer : Ina Riedel

Oscar : Intelligent Visual Aid by Ina Riedel

Oscar : Intelligent Visual Aid by Ina Riedel

There are 2 cameras on both front sides of the upper frame that measure distance to all objects outside visual range of user constantly. There are another 2 sensors at the interior sides of the frame to track the movements of user’s eyes. This glasses use a film of liquid crystals, therefore, they can continuously adjust by means of an electric current and change their focal point. Any object can automatically be brought into focus regardless the distance. OLED-bands on both right and left side of the frame provides illumination when needed.

Oscar : Intelligent Visual Aid by Ina Riedel

Oscar : Intelligent Visual Aid Gives You Unrestricted Vision in Everyday Situations is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design