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Tokyo Smart Wheel : Smart Guiding System for Tourists

Tokyo Smart Wheel offers smart guiding for tourists that are not familiar with the city of Tokyo. It can be pretty challenging for them to navigate the city, especially those with lack of language skills needed to communicate easily. Even some streets don’t have name and the lack of Wi-Fi access makes it even more difficult to explore this awesome city. Considering these issues, especially when Tokyo will host various Olympic events in 2020, these industrial designers have come up with a design proposal for the solution.

Tokyo Smart Wheel is your personal guide to the city of Tokyo. It’s an electric, self-stabilizing unicycle which can be found in different locations near venues, parked in one large station. Once you tap your ticket to the main station, the wheels are unlocked, it is also accompanied with a smart bracelet that can be used to activate the wheel when worn.

Designers : Setareh Shamdani, Filippo Del Carlo, and Hsin-Hua (Sheana) Yu

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

The smart system of this personal transportation will link the bracelet to your profile once you use your ticket. It’ll guide you from one location to another by suggesting best routes to take, food to try, unexplored areas to see. Don’t worry, you would still be able to reach your destination in time. The bracelet projects any information onto your arm, giving you different options and possible routes to take, once you choose your path, the wheel would guide you to your destination through haptic feedback, making vibrations through the right or left foot stand to indicate what turns to make.

Once you’re done traveling through the city, simply place the bracelet back onto the wheel and it will be deactivated after sending signal to the nearest main station to be picked and recharged.

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel - Smart Guiding System

Tokyo Smart Wheel : Smart Guiding System for Tourists is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design


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