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YoonJin Jo Tapes Up Great Artists Yoonjin Jo (조윤진) is a...

Frida Kahlo

Pablo Picasso

Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

Jean-Michel Basquiat

David Hockney

Elisabeth Peyton

Jeff Koons

Yoonjin Jo (조윤진)

Keith Haring

YoonJin Jo Tapes Up Great Artists

Yoonjin Jo (조윤진) is a prolific artist in Seoul, Korea who creates portraits of famous actors, artists & musicians by sticking pieces of colored packing tape to wood. In this series, I’ve selected her portraits of influential artists from the 20th century. Can you name them all?

She has a solo show this month called, “Rockstar” at Gallery MEI - Dec 12-31, 2015 in Seoul, KR.

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